October 14, 2014


Revenue Franking Machine and Folding Inserting Solution Case Study



The Revenue Commissioners are charged with despatching critically important documentation to companies and individuals throughout the country. In this Neopost Case Study, we see how this vital organisation uses Neopost mailing systems and after sales support to increase mailing accuracy and productivity.


Paul O’Connell, an Assistant Principle Officer at the Revenue Commissioners, was charged with a vital task: to ensure the timely and accurate despatch of critically important documentation to individuals and businesses throughout the country.


A user of Neopost equipment and systems since the early 1990’s, Paul was conscious of the need to match mailing equipment to the changing technologies that his organisation was now adopting.


‘The Revenue Commissioners has significantly changed the manner in which individuals and organisations can access and order Revenue-related materials,’ Paul states. ‘Using the Internet (www.ros.ie) or the telephone, the public can now immediately order up to fourteen different types of forms. What we then had to do was to ensure that our mail fulfilment capability matched this new technology.


‘Our mailing fulfilment equipment had to quickly match, insert, and post the requested forms on an accurate basis. Moreover, that system had to handle a volume of a few thousand mailings per day.’

The system blends franking machines with folder & inserting equipment...

To carry out this mailing fulfilment task, Paul relies on three pieces of equipment supplied by Neopost: a KAS Mailmaster Insertion system works with a SI-68 Mid Volume Inserter to sort, insert, and label the individual mailings, while an IJ-75 Digital Franking Machine quickly and accurately weighs individual letters in order to provide just the right postage for despatch.


The KAS Mailmaster system provides exceptional inserting flexibility, and is equally suitable for long or short run work. This system combines durability with quick changeover and easy to use features such as touch screen controls. Insert feeders handle a variety of materials including single sheets, card, reply envelopes, stapled sets, pre-folded items and magazines.


The SI-68 Mid Volume Folder Inserter provides the Revenue with additional mailing volume, flexibility and speed. It automatically folds, inserts and seals up to 2,750 envelopes per our.


Finally, the IJ-75 Digital Franking Machine provides processing speeds of up to 180 letters per minute. Its Credifon postage re-crediting system allows the Revenue to re-credit the IJ75 machine remotely, thereby significantly increasing postage security.


Each Neopost machine is easy to use and robust, contributing significant benefits to the Revenue’s mailing requirements.

Automating the system with high-spec folding & inbserting machines

Use of new technologies can significantly increase productivity and accuracy, leading to increased efficiency. The Revenue’s use of new order fulfilment technologies such as Internet and telephone automated order processing, integrated with the Neopost system, is resulting in those benefits. Paul gives us an example:


‘An Internet or telephone order is expedited when the individual inserts their PPS number together with the requested form. The system quickly pulls the appropriate name and address based on that unique PPS number. The order is then downloaded into a PC.


‘Within the PC, the orders are sorted by form type and labels are then generated. Using the Neopost inserting systems, the requested form is folded if required, then inserted into appropriate envelopes and the labels applied.'


‘The envelopes are then transferred to the Neopost franking machine. The IJ-75 automatically weighs each piece of post and applies the appropriate powww.'


‘This system is easy to use, accurate, and reliable. It ensures that we not only accurately despatch the form that has been requested to that individual who has made the request, but that we also pay An Post only the appropriate postage that is required. And because each piece of equipment is simple to operate, we can quickly train new users to make the most of the Neopost systems.’

‘We have never been let down’

The Revenue Commissioners, as with any government organisation, selects equipment only after a comprehensive bidding process, as Paul explains:


‘We have been Neopost users for many years. However, we continually review our suppliers each time that we purchase equipment.'


‘Neopost has won business from us for some very important reasons: they offer a good quality product at a good price, and provide exceptional after sales service and support. For all of these reasons, I am happy with Neopost equipment and their personnel.’


Neopost provides a wide range of mailing fulfilment systems. As with this example of the Revenue Commissioners, these systems can be integrated into a comprehensive solution that meet precise fulfilment objectives.


Moreover, the quality of after sales support is often as important to Neopost customers as the quality of this company’s equipment.


‘The support people at Neopost have an exceptional understanding of their equipment and how important it is to us,’ Paul continues. ‘What’s more, they are only a phone call away if anything untoward occurs, and are with us quickly to resolve any problems. For instance, some time back we were despatching a critically important mailing.'


'For some reason, the Neopost insertion machine would not process the envelopes. We called Neopost. Their technical people were on-site very quickly. They tested the machine, and subsequently discovered that our print suppliers had provided us with faulty envelopes. We were able to change the envelopes, and despatched the mailing on time.'


‘In short, the people at Neopost have never let us down.’

Highly recommended for franking machines and folder inserters

Paul sums up his reasons for selecting Neopost mailing equipment.


‘If I had any problem at all with the people at Neopost or their equipment I would be the first to tell you. But I only have good things to say about them.


‘Their equipment does the job in a manner that helps us to expedite our mailings. It has helped us to tie-in new ordering technologies, such as the Internet. It is cost effective because it has increased our productivity.'


‘Neopost provides good equipment, at a good price, and with good service back up. I highly recommend them.'

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