October 13, 2014

Paddy Power

Paddy Power IJ Franking Machine Case Study

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How an IJ series Franking Machine was the best bet for Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of this country’s greatest success stories. As Ireland’s leading bookmaker, and rapidly expanding into online activities (including paddypower.com, paddypowercasino.com and paddypowerpoker.com), this dynamic company must get its post out on time every time. Here, we find out how it relies on the Neopost IJ75 Digital Franking System to help it keep on winning.


The customer services department for Paddy Power must ensure that the company’s post goes out on time and with just the right amount of powww. To help achieve that aim, Paddy Power has chosen the Neopost IJ75 Digital Franking System. Its ease of use and reliability has proven to be a winning combination.


‘The franking system from Neopost is very simple to use and operate,’ Paddy Power’s Customer Services Manager explains, ‘and very user friendly. In the time that we’ve had the IJ75, we’ve experienced few problems with it.’

A Franking Machine that can Account for Multiple Departments

The IJ75 has inbuilt intelligence, allowing users to accurately allocate postage costs among as many as two hundred different departments. Five departments within Paddy Power use the franking machine to quickly frank company post. To facilitate this capability, each department has been provided with its own unique operating code. When using the system, users simply input the department code and begin to frank. The Franking System then automatically allocates costs to the specific departments for accounting and cost control purposes.


The IJ75 is also fast. Its high-speed capability allows users to frank up to one hundred and eighty envelopes per hour. Paddy Power will post as few as one hundred letters a day, and as many as five hundred a day if the company is sending out a marketing campaign. Paddy Power is confident that the system can easily handle the volume.

Re-Crediting Security for your franking machine with Credifon

For the customer services department, one of the most satisfying benefits of the Neopost franking system is its inbuilt Credifon postage re-crediting system.


Paddy Power has installed a dedicated telephone line in the postal room. When more credit is required, the customer services manager uses the password-protected system. The Franking machine is then re-credited over the telephone lines. This capability not only ensures that the customer services department never runs out of postage, but also provides high levels of security by minimising the opportunity of postal theft.

Our franking machines come with Superior Service

The qualified staff at Neopost provides helpful, professional and timely support for the IJ75. An example illustrates this substantial benefit:


Recently, a Paddy Power staff member inadvertently deleted the department codes within the franking system. The Customer Services Manager rang Neopost and they quickly talked the manager through the procedure to re-establish the codes. What’s more, Neopost quickly despatched instructions to Paddy Power in order to ensure that in the event that such a situation occurred again, internal staff would be able to quickly correct the problem.


The Paddy Power customer services department is completely satisfied with the Neopost Franking System. They are impressed with the IJ75’s high level of reliability, as well as its speed and accuracy. Paddy Power customer service staff highly recommends this Neopost Digital Franking System to other companies.

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