October 13, 2014


NCT IJ-75 Franking Machine Case Study


How the NCT makes life easier with an IJ series Franking Machine

The National Car Testing Service Limited (NCTS) is responsible for the testing of all private vehicles in Ireland and operates the service on behalf of the government. National Car Testing Service’s head office is located in Citywest Business Campus and it is from here that they co-ordinate the activities for the 43 purpose-built test centres throughout Ireland.


In this case study, we will show how Neopost’s IJ-75 Digital Franking Machine has put more vroom into the posting activities for NCTS.


As Office Coordinator for NCTS, Brenda O'Neill understands how a reliable and intelligent franking machine can benefit the postal procedures for her office. On an average day, the posting requirements for NCTS can vary from 250 letters to over 750 letters depending on whether they are running marketing campaigns. Brenda knows that a dependable franking machine is vital to the smooth operation of her post room.


'Everyday we have to post a wide variety of letters, everything from responses to general enquires from the public, to letters confirming the rescheduling of car tests,' Brenda explains. 'What's more, we're also responsible for despatching letters on behalf of SGS, our parent company. SGS is heavily involved in the administration of ISO certification and its outbound mail is often critical.'

'Consequently, it is important that all of our letters go out on time, and with the correct powww. Until recently, we used a franking machine that was letting us down on a daily basis. Every day I was called up to the postal room to fix it. When we decided to replace it, we contacted Neopost.'

Shifting Gears with an IJ-75 Franking Machine

Neopost's U- 75 Digital Franking Machine provides all the speed, technology, and options that businesses need to increase posting accuracy and throughput. The Neopost’s IJ-75 Digital Franking Machine does this through its user friendly design that is incredibly simple to understand. Its small footprint and elegant design makes it suitable for almost any postal room environment. Its integrated weighing scale also provides accuracy to ensure that only the correct postage is applied.


'We installed the Neopost machine a few weeks ago,' Brenda continues. 'Since then, I've found that I have never had any trouble with our franking requirements. The system is easy to operate - anybody can do it after only a minute of instruction. In fact, all eighty people in our Call Centre take turns doing the post, we find it that fun to work with. Its simple – you basically stack the bundle of post into the machine, and it shoots the letters through instantly.'

'What's more, it's incredibly flexible. If a letter is thicker than usual, the Neopost machine only requires a simple adjustment. And if you're sending out a package, the weighing scales accurately weighs the package and prints out an appropriate postage label therefore helping to reduce overspending on powww.'


The IJ-75 can frank up to 180 envelopes per hour, thereby ensuring that every NCT letter hits the post on time. 'Its speed is unbelievable,' Brenda notes.


‘Furthermore, the IJ-75 is also easy to learn and very simple to operate,' Brenda continues. 'It doesn't have a hundred buttons to push in order to tell it what to do. In fact, when the people from Neopost installed it they trained us up on the new franking machine within fifteen minutes’. 'Now, everyone is an expert on how it works. I only go near it when I want to show it off to someone.'


The IJ-75 Credifon Postage Crediting System makes postal re-crediting fast, easy and secure. Upon a secure request from an authorised user of the IJ- 75, postage crediting can be requested then automatically downloaded to the Neopost Digital Franking Machine, all through a simple telephone modem device. And its password protection ensures security.


'The new franking machine from Neopost is just brilliant,' Brenda concludes. 'It's fast, easy to use and operate, and more importantly dependable. I no longer have to worry about machine jams, and if the post will get out on time. For that reason alone, I can recommend it wholeheartedly.'

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