October 6, 2015

Merchants Quay Ireland

More Productive Mailing Campaigns for Irish Charity with a Folder Inserter from Neopost

Merchants Quay Ireland provides services, advice and access for those suffering from homelessness or addiction. It is the largest non-profit drug service provider in Ireland. The charity is well-established with a proven track record in providing residential drug and alcohol treatment. We talked to Nick Jones, the Individual Giving Manager at Merchants Quay Ireland in Dublin, who told us how a DS-75 folder inserter from Neopost, has helped him save time, enabling him and his team, to focus more on the job of fundraising.               


Mailing Campaigns for Marketing and Communications

This charity handles a large amount of mail. Its primary way of communicating with donors is through mailing campaigns. As Nick explains: 

We send out four appeals and four newsletters to our donors every year. And every time we receive a gift we thank the donors with a letter.” 


In total Merchants Quay sends out between 20,000 and 25,000 donor thank you letters every year. (We send out over 400,000 donar communications per year).

Folding and Inserting Mail by Hand

Before investing in a folder inserter machine from Neopost, Merchants Quay was faced with having to pack letters by hand every single day. This could take three, or four hours and up to six hours, particularly at Christmas time. This was time that should have been spent on fund raising. Nick confirms this by saying the following:

This was not an efficient use of our time, especially as we have a small team. So we felt the need to find a solution to this problem.”


Mailings that Save Time and Money 

Since Merchants Quay has started automating the manual process of filling envelopes, with a folder inserter from Neopost, it has been able to get thank-you letters out almost daily. Donations are received in the morning and the charity posts the thank-you letters out in the evening. Nick explains:

“This 24-hour turnaround is massive for us. It not only helps us save staff time, it also saves us money.” 


The charity initially invested in a folder inserter from Neopost with one and a half trays. Nick’s team then purchased a machine which had three trays because they needed to pack more things into their envelopes. Thanks to the DS-75 folder inserter they can now insert a letter, a business reply envelope and an A5 invitation into their envelopes. Nick outlined the benefits of the Neopost folder inserter by stating the following:

“I would definitely recommend this Neopost folder inserter to other charities and organizations. It has saved us time and money and has made our mailing campaigns much more productive.” 


About MQI

MQI's goal is to build a society where the incidence of drug related harm - such as crime, poverty, HIV and homelessness - is greatly reduced and the range and quality of drug services are maximised.

Key Facts and Figures:

  • High quality services for drug users since 1989
  • Residential treatment services since 1995
  • St. Francis Farm Therapeutic Community since 1998
  • Serving over 8,000 people in programs based in 14 counties
  • 87 cents of every euro goes directly to client services and only 13 cents to administration and fundraising


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