October 13, 2014


Limerick Institute of Technology Franking Machine Case Study


Limerick Institute of Technology increase postal accuracy and efficiency


The Limerick Institute of Technology, located just outside of the bustling city of Limerick, possesses one of Ireland’s busier mailrooms. Weighing, sealing, and franking up to 1000 letters per day for despatch to a variety of national and international destinations, Limerick IT’s clerical staff is responsible for ensuring that those letters go out on time, and with just the right powww.


Recently, the Institute’s mailroom has increased its efficiency with the addition of Neopost’s IJ75 Digital Franking Machine. In this Neopost Case Study, we see how this robust, easy-to-use system has helped the Institute to achieve its objectives.


As a Clerical Officer in the Institute’s busy mailroom, Grace O’Sullivan works hard to ensure that all post is despatched efficiently.


‘We’re responsible for the postage of large volumes of post for exams, admissions, and departmental requirements,’ Grace explains. ‘We have to handle a wide variety of letter sizes and weights, while also despatching them to both domestic and international destinations.


‘For almost 7 years, we had a postal franking system that was almost manual,’ Grace continues. ‘But the mailroom was getting busier, and postal charges were also being raised. We knew that we needed a more accurate franking system that would help us to cope with rising volumes, while also ensuring that we were only paying the exact required postage rate for each of the thousands of letters sent every day. For that reason we contacted Neopost.’

Fast, Accurate and Integrated

Neopost’s Valerie Nolan met with the clerical and administration staff of the Institute in order to understand their precise requirements. ‘This busy client required an accurate, high volume franking system that would meet their real needs,’ Valerie says. ‘I recommended the Neopost IJ75 Digital Franking system because I believed it precisely matched their requirements.’


The IJ75 is a high volume franking system that integrates weighing capabilities as well as label application, envelop sealing, and logo printing into a low-profile, small footprint design. Its weigh/rate/apply/seal system is quick and easy to use, and ensures that just the right postage is applied to every letter. The system handles a wide variety of envelope sizes (up to C4 and up to 16 mm thick). And its throughput rate is very fast: the IJ75 processes up to 10,800 envelopes per hour!


‘Our new Neopost franking system has made life much easier for us because it is efficient and easy to use,’ Grace O’Sullivan says. ‘First, letters are stacked on the weighing system. Second, we input the destination – national or international – with a single touch. The IJ75 automatically determines the correct postal rate for that particular destination and item weight. This ensures that we’re only paying the post office what is required.'

‘Finally, the system automatically seals the envelope and applies the correct postage to the envelope. The IJ75 also has the ability to apply a company logo for a professional extra touch.’


Additionally, the system allocates postage to individual Institute departments for accounting purposes.


‘With one touch we can also allocate postage costs to each department in order to keep tabs on those costs,’ Grace continues. ‘This provides the Institute’s administration with the ability to properly assign costs to the correct department.’

Easy and Secure Crediting

The IJ75 also provides a simple, secure, and effective method of adding postage credit to the system through its advanced Credifon system.


‘Back in the old days we all had to go to the post office with the old franking machine in order to refill it,’ Grace says. ‘But now it’s easy. The IJ75 uses a modem that connects through our telecom system to the post office. The postage amount is automatically transferred down the modem to the franking system, and the machine is refilled. In that our postage bill can be thousands of euro a month, this is a much more secure and quick system than the old method of visiting the post office.'

‘Additional security is provided by a special code that we key in,’ Grace adds. ‘This ensures that no one is going use credit without permission, and that only those who are authorised to do so can get into the system.’

Just the Right Solution

The level of service that she received from Neopost has also impressed Grace and her colleagues.


‘We were impressed for two reasons,’ Grace states. ‘First, our Neopost representative Valerie Nolan listened carefully to us to determined exactly what we required. Then she recommended the best solution. The IJ75 is quiet, efficient, causes little disruption, and does exactly what Valerie said it would do.'


‘The second reason is the fact that the IJ75 is so easy to use. Installation took only thirty minutes. We were using the system straight away. Now our postage is completed in only moments. The system is dependable and trouble free. We know that the IJ75 weighs and calculates postage accurately for every single letter. This makes certain that we are minimising our postal costs.'


‘Because it is an integrated system, and weighs, seals, and franks quickly, it also increases our efficiency and saves us a great deal of time every day.'


‘What’s amazing is that the IJ75 seems to sell itself,’ Grace concludes. ‘For instance, we recently had visitors from another local college. They were so impressed by the system that they have said they are interested in buying one, too. It’s a brilliant machine. I recommend it to anyone trying to cope with a busy mailroom.’

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