October 14, 2014


iRadio IJ Series Franking Machine Case Study


With increasing demands on the mailroom, iRadio needed to upgrade their franking machine...

iRadio is the youth regional radio station covering the Northeast, Northwest and midlands. Serving the ever evolving 15-34 year age group the station has been incredibly successful in producing programmes and promotions which not only captures the ears and imagination of their listeners but has also uniquely positioned the station apart from the competition.

Choosing the best franking machine provider in Ireland

After just 9 months of being on air, i102-104fm welcomed the arrival of i105-107fm. With two stations now on air, increasing demands were being placed on the mailroom, iRadio therefore sourced a solution that could rise to the challenge to facilitate these demands.


“We needed a solution that could cope with the ad hoc nature of our mail stream”, explains Lorraine McManus, Head of Sponosrship & Promotions at Iradio. “Our mail is not your traditional DL size envelopes, we mail out bulky items such as t-shirts, hoodies and prizes such as CD’s, DVD’s and vouchers. We needed a streamlined solution that could fit into our busy office environment and cope with the demands placed on it”.


For their mail run, iRadio chose a franking machine from the Neopost IJ series.


“It is so easy to use and very accessible”, continues McManus, “having the functionality of the weighing scales and label printing guarantees that we are not overspending on our mail rates and it takes the headache out of processing our bulkier mail items”.

Our franking machines deliver Cost Savings, Flexibility and Ease of Use

One the main areas which Lorraine counts as a benefit to the machine is its reliability.


“As some of our mail is urgent, especially in the case of event tickets being sent out to prize winners, being able to do it in-house at the touch of a button, I feel much happier knowing that I only have to drop the mail to the sorting office, franked and ready for delivery”.


“In fact it is wonderful that I am no longer queuing in the post office for stamps and to process our packages”, adds McManus

Franking machine attributes and ease-of-use

iRadio was really satisfied with the level of care Neopost took to deliver the right solution for their business.


“Neopost were able to supply us with a solution specific to our requirements”, recalls McManus. “The solution was set up quickly, is easy to use, manage and is ideal for our mailroom needs”.


“Being able to process so much of the mail in house is of great benefit to us, especially our invoices, no post offices queues and reduced debtor days”.

For more information about our franking machines

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