October 13, 2014


Hafele IS-420 Franking Machine Case Study


When Hafele needed a new franking machine, the IS-440 really fit the bill

Since opening in 1985 Häfele Ireland has established itself as one of the leading furniture fittings, fixtures and architectural ironmongery distributors in Ireland.


As part of a multinational group of companies Häfele Ireland can source the best quality products from around the world.

  • Bedroom and Bathroom Fittings
  • Table Fittings
  • Office Furniture
  • Kitchen Fittings
  • Office Furniture

Häfele Ireland are based in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow

Choosing the best franking machine provider

Having always been a Neopost customer, Häfele, recognised the need to upgrade and update their current franking system.


‘We process over 500 items per week’, explains, Stephanie Carton, Credit Controller, ‘we needed an efficient and reasonibly priced solution’.


'Using the weighing scales means there is no wastage on our spend, we only pay for what we are sending' says Stephanie.


For their mail run, Häfele chose an IS440 franking machine from the Neopost IS series.


'It is so easy to use and very felixible', continues Stephanie, 'having the functionality of weighing scale means there is no overspending, our mail rates are calculated to the last cent so we only pay for what we are sending'.

A franking machine that can deliver Cost Savings, Flexibility and Ease of Use

Easy to download credits and having access to service and administration support, means Häfele can focus on their main job, not the mailroom.

Coping with high volumes and ad hoc items, Häfele could not imagine using another solution for their busy and important mail.


'The franking machine is just so convenient over stamps’, says Stephanie, ‘we could not get up and leave the office to make trips to buy stamps or join post office queues, it’s just not practical’.

Attributes and set up times for the IS-440 franking machine

When asked about the main attributes that Häfele enjoy on the machine, sealing and the functionality of the weighing scales immediately come to mind.


‘The sealing of the mail is a big bonus,' explains Stephanie, ‘it makes the process so much faster....we needed an efficient and reasonibly priced solution.'

For more information about the IS-440 franking machine

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