October 13, 2014


CSO Folding & Inserting Machine Case Study


In 2006, CSO selected Neopost for their folding and inserting machine...

Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) despatches millions of surveys and related materials every year in order to gather research on the Irish economy. In this Case Study, we see how Neopost’s KAS Mailmaster 565 Modular Inserting System provides the CSO with the flexibility and dependability that they require to complete their mission.


Tim Cronin, Higher Executive Officer in the CSO’s Cork-based Central Offices Services Function, works closely with his team to ensure the smooth running of the CSO’s administration. Responsible for everything from mailings to security and office furniture, Tim and his team keep their eyes constantly on the future.


‘Our Bulk Mailing and Printing section inserts up to one-half million mailings every month,’ Tim says in a recent interview. ‘We already had a KAS mail insertion system, but we were aware that the CSO was mandated to perform a full Census of the Irish population in April of 2006. For this reason, we decided to future-proof our mail insertion operation with an additional insertion machine.’


The CSO put out a request for tender. Following a competitive analysis, Tim’s team chose the KAS Mailmaster 565HS Mailmaster from Neopost.

Flexibility for the Future

‘A key innovation suggested by our own production team leader David Lester Higher Technical Officer was the inclusion of an envelope turner,’ Tim continues. ‘This reduced the overall length of the installation by over fifty percent, easing the production flow and greatly reducing the amount of legwork required by the operator.’


The KAS Mailmaster 565 System provides exceptional flexibility, as Dave Lester demonstrates:


‘No one CSO survey is ever the same,’ Dave says. ‘The number and type of inserts will vary significantly depending on the type of recipient or the segment that we’re contacting. For that reason, the mailing system has to be very flexible.’


The CSO’s KAS system provides that flexibility. Equally suitable for long or short run work, the system combines durability with quick changeover and easy to use features such as touch screen controls. Insert feeders handle a variety of materials including single sheets, card, reply envelopes, stapled sets, pre-folded items and magazines.


‘Our Bulk mailing requirements are really testing the flexibility of the system,’ Dave continues. ‘The KAS insertion system is proving to meet our needs. We’re delighted with it.’

Durability for Long Life

What’s more, the CSO’s new KAS 565 Mailmaster is proving more durable than Tim Cronin had anticipated.


‘We purchased the new Mailmaster because we wanted to provide adequate mail handling capacities for the future,’ Tim says. ‘We wanted a back-up machine if things somehow went wrong. So we put our old KAS machine in dry-dock, knowing that we could get it up and running instantly if something went wrong with the new machine.'


‘However, the new KAS 565 Mailmaster is proving exceptionally durable. Since purchasing it, we haven’t had one problem. And even if we did, we would know that the Neopost service people would help us to solve the problem quickly.’


Durability has long been a hallmark of all Neopost mailing systems. The rugged durability of the CSO’s KAS Mailmaster mailing system proves this point.

Easy to Use for Increased Efficiency

The CSO’s Bulk Mailing and Printing section have also significantly benefited from the system’s ease of use. This not only facilitates quick training but also significantly increases office efficiencies.


‘The new KAS system is very operator friendly and almost foolproof,’ Dave continues. ‘That was illustrated recently when we hired a new operator. He was trained quickly, and became productive on the machine within only a few hours.’


The KAS 565 Mailmaster utilises a number of operator-friendly technologies that not only facilitate quick training, but also increase mail insertion efficiencies. Touch screen controls are both easy to use and speed insertion set-up requirements. Barcode scanning facilitates accurate batching of prime documents. These capabilities work to ensure smooth and precise mail pack insertion.

With an output of 5000 letters per hour, the KAS 565 Mailmaster significantly increases mail insertion efficiencies within the workplace.


‘Before we used KAS systems, our office used other insertion equipment that relied on older technologies,’ Tim observes. ‘These older systems might require a number of passes through a machine to pack a given mailing. The KAS systems do it all at once, saving us an incredible amount of time.'


‘The KAS Mailmaster 565 is dependable and flexible,’ Dave concludes. ‘We can quickly change the system from a multiple-insert mailing to a single insert mailing. And its dependability is amazing. I give it a hearty thumbs up.’

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