January 1, 2011


Certus Franking Machine Case Study

Certus are saving time and money with their Neopost solutions...

Certus is the first dedicated provider of bank services outsourcing in the Irish market. Established in 2010, Certus offers a broad range of customer and portfolio management services for banking organisations across Ireland. Neopost met with Imogene Jones (Property, Facilities & Procurement) to discuss how Certus are getting on with the Neopost equipment provided and to investigate whether the Neopost solution used fulfils the day to day requirements for incoming and outgoing mail. 

Coming back to the best franking machine provider...

Certus dealt with Pitney Bowes from 2006 up until 2014. Imogene Jones mentioned that when she joined Certus Pitney Bowes equipment was already operating in the mailroom.


Soon after Imogene joined she realised that she wasn’t aware of the Pitney Bowes account manager and found it hard to communicate with a contact in the business when she had a query or problem with the equipment.


After receiving a call from the Neopost telemarketing team, Certus was made aware of the account manager that looked after their area. Once informed and after speaking with Paul Kananagh, a quotation for a range of new equipment was quickly received.


‘We decided to move to Neopost as the functionality of the Pitney Bowes equipment was no longer suitable and we were not properly looked after by an account manager’.

Why did you make the decision to move...


There were many reasons around deciding to move to Neopost.

‘Pitney Bowes do not have a local service helpdesk to support their customers in Ireland, all calls are directed to and managed through an overseas call centre, we could never get hold of our account manager and they didn’t know the details of our account and monthly payments. Towards the end the Pitney Bowes equipment was not ‘fit for purpose’ so we very quickly needed to change’


Why you chose Neopost and how the product helped you...


‘Before making the decision to switch to Neopost our Neopost account manager Paul Kavanagh advised us to visit the UCD campus to view their IJ-110 franking machine. This gave us the opportunity to see the machine in action and recognise just how quick the outgoing mail can be franked. We found this to be a key contributing factor to making our decision to move. It was great to get the opportunity to visit such a busy mailroom like UCD.


With the nature of business we operate, our requirements for mailroom equipment was a huge priority. Time is such an important factor with the high volumes of incoming and outgoing mail so we needed new solutions fast.


Our overall equipment requirements included a franking machine, folder inserter and letter opener’.


‘Our mail volumes were very high, this is why we needed the larger franking machine the IJ-110


We have been assured by Neopost that if there are functionality changes, software requirements or add-ons, the equipment is flexible enough for dealing with these changes.

When sending postage on behalf of the banks, Imogene mentioned that quality is a key factor and with the Neopost range of equipment this is always guaranteed.


‘Yes we were up and running in no time. When the equipment was being installed I made sure my team of 4 were all involved in the training. This was the job of the Neopost engineer and we are all delighted to know how to operate the range of Neopost equipment. The training involved showing us in the simplest way possible how to operate the Neopost equipment’.


‘The Neopost approach to downloading credit is very convenient. Our last download was €20,000 and this can vary every 5-10 days. We could spend €5k in one week so it is very important that we can download credit on time and at instant convenience’.


‘Certus is extremely happy with the service and professionalism of Neopost, both the account manager Paul Kavanagh and the service engineers, Jason, Dave and Kevin. The engineers are very helpful and prompt in what they do. You can see that the account manager works closely with the engineers to deliver outstanding customer service. We are very happy that Paul Kavanagh is our account manager; he is very proactive and is just a phone call away if I have any requirements’.


If you would like to make the move to Neopost please don't hesitate to get in touch with Neopost on 1850 33 44 55 or use the form on the right to get in touch.