October 13, 2014

AA Ireland

AA Ireland IJ-65 Franking Machine Case Study

AA Ireland...

Helping an iconic brand to manage customer communications effectively

AA Ireland is one of this country’s largest providers of breakdown assistance, as well as motor and travel insurance, to Ireland’s motoring public. With over 270,000 AA members in Ireland, this company prides itself on quickly reacting to customer needs.

To help meet those needs, its busy Dublin mailroom processes over two thousand pieces of mail a day. Until recently, AA Ireland’s Paul Bernard was using an out of date franking machine for envelope postage application. However, the recent upgrade to a Neopost IJ-65 Franking Machine has provided Paul with a helping hand.


‘I process thousands of policy documents, brochures, membership information requests, and quotations every day,’ Paul says. ‘The old franking machine was out of date and difficult to use. However, our new Neopost system has made applying postage much easier and more efficient.’

A Franking Machine that Delivers Cost Savings, Flexibility and Ease of Use

The Neopost IJ-65 Franking Machine combines ease of use with accuracy and dependability. Designed for medium volume handling requirements, this system can process up to 135 pieces of post per minute. Capable of handling up to C4 in envelope sizes of even a larger thickness, the IJ-65 matches envelope weights determined by the weighing machine to required postage amounts that have been pre-programmed into the system memory. This means that only the correct postage amount will be applied to any envelope.


‘This new machine is very easy to use, and doesn’t require any attention,’ Paul continues. ‘Its flexibility means that I can frank any type of envelope, while its postage accuracy means that I can be sure that the system is applying only the right amount of postage to every envelope.’

Your Franking Machine Can Be Up and Running in No Time

The IJ-65 combines its efficient capabilities into a low profile, small footprint design. Its inkjet technology provides high quality impressions, while its modular construction means that it can be expanded to meet growing office requirements. What’s more, the system is so easy to use that people new to the IJ-65 will be up and running in no time at all.

Following a consultation with our Neopost account manager, Colm Kelly, our system was installed in only a few minutes,’ Paul continues. ‘Colm trained me to use it at the same time. I find it very simple to use, and was posting letters in minutes.’

Neopost Credifon for Secure Credit Transfer on the IJ-65 Franking Machine

Paul’s IJ-65 also incorporates Neopost’s Credifon system. This unique postage crediting capability allows users recredit their machine in minutes via a modem. A unique code is provided to prevent theft through secure access. Neopost’s Credifon system not only increases productivity, but also protects users from theft of valuable postage credit. Ten Times Better Paul Bernard is impressed by the Neopost IJ65 Franking and Weighing system, and highly recommends it.


‘The IJ65 is at least ten times better than our old franking machine,’ he concludes. ‘It helps me to get my high volume of post out on time by automatically determining what postal rates I require for each envelope that I need to mail, and for any type of envelope. It is easy to use and simple to programme. ‘In short, I highly recommend it.’

For more information about the IJ-65 Franking Machine

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