May 5, 2018

Tallaght Hospital

Tallaght Hospital...

Tallaght Hospital makes significant savings each year with the help of Neopost OMS
  • Intelligent Output Management Software and Folder Inserter for centralised mailroom
  • Quicker preparation allows for deferred postage
  • Average discounts of 10c per item by deferring delivery
  • Grouping of multiple letters that are going to the same GP for further savings
  • Surpression of unwanted prints from mainframe systems reduces cost of printing
  • Re-routing of internal communications from print to PDF
  • Saving over 40 man hours per week
Making sense of a complex mail operation

Tallaght Hospital is one of the biggest healthcare facilities in Ireland. With more than 625 beds and almost 3,000 employees, the hospital provides local, regional, supra-regional and national speciality health services to a massively-growing, urbanised area with a predominantly young population. As you can imagine, such a large operation makes for a very complex mail flow. With a very diverse range of documents and correspondence moving between patients, medical teams, GPs, admin sta, suppliers and a vast network of other stakeholders across the wider medical landscape, that equates to a lot of letters going into envelopes. In 2014, Tallaght Hospital embarked on a project aimed at bringing greater eciency to this massively complex mail flow.

Saving through centralisation
The overall aim of the project was to reduce costs and save time for employees across the hospital by rationalising and centralising some of the more inecient and time-consuming mail processes that were being used across the various departments. Owen Kelleher is the Mailroom Manager at Tallaght Hospital, he told us about some of the challenges that the project aimed to address:

“We didn’t have a centralised mailroom so all the departments were generating the letters themselves, hand folding them into envelopes and then physically bringing them to the post room. It was a very inecient use of sta time. Individual departments were responsible for their own mail and we weren’t availing of postal discounts.”

Picking the perfect partner
After a very rigorous tendering and selection process, Brendan Carr, Director of Information Services at Tallaght Hospital, made the decision to partner with Neopost in order to provide a state-of-the-art hardware and software solution that was vital to the success of this important project.
Selecting the correct solution

Tallaght Hospital chose to install a Neopost DS-75 Folding & Inserting System into their new centralised mail room. This folding and inserting solution oers the perfect blend of productivity, versatility and convenience. It helped Tallaght Hospital to eliminate the costly and time-consuming task of manually folding mail items and packing them into envelopes.

Owen tells us how the DS-75 has transformed their mail preparation processes:
“The benefits to the hospital are huge. The introduction of the DS-75 allows clerical sta to spend more time on other tasks such as clearing back logs. We have also made massive savings. And this is just the beginning. As the awareness of the machine has increased around the hospital, we’ve investigated some of the other capabilities of the DS-75 such as inserting business reply envelopes and leaflets in the area of appointment validation. The DS-75 is robust enough to cope with those applications. We are continually finding new potential uses for it, the machine has been able to comfortably cope with any projects thus far.”

Maximising eciency with intelligent output management software

While the versatility of the DS-75 has played a major part, the real driving force behind the success of this project at Tallaght Hospital has been the adoption and implementation of Neopost OMS. This output management software has transformed the way that mail documents are produced, printed and posted. Working with the IT department in Tallaght Hospital, Neopost deployed a site-wide solution that allows users across the hospital to create documents using pre-formatted templates and push them into a centralised print queue. The software applies OMR marks for intelligent packing and groups multiple documents that are going to the same recipient; helping to reduce the number of envelopes that would have been used and saving on postage costs.
Reaping the rewards

Rita Ray heads up the various clerical teams within the perioperative directorate, one of three such directorates in the hosptial. Rita and her teams are responsible for managing a huge array of correspondence relating to patients undergoing surgery at the hospital. Rita tells us about what things were like before the new system was adopted: “The letters were printed and would just sit in piles and piles until someone had time to spend a half day during the week folding hundreds of letters. If that person wasn’t available, then we would just wait and some of the letters could have sat around for 2 to 3 weeks. There was also significant cost involved as we weren’t grouping the letters……the GPs were getting 10 letters a day from 3 dierent areas.” 


With the new centralised system in place, things are very dierent for Rita and her teams.

“What we’re getting from the system so far is fantastic. It’s saving a lot of man hours. We also have 50% deferred post now so we avail of the cheaper postage rates. The average saving is about 10 cent per letter which is considerable. In addition in terms of the man hours saved by the new system, a safe estimate would be about 40 hours per week. It’s fantastic.”

With savings of 40 hours every week and an average of 10 cent on every piece of deferred mail, the savings quickly stack up. Then when you factor in the additional economies achieved by minimising print volumes, envelope costs and postage expenditure, by grouping items for the same recipient, it’s easy to see how this new system is saving Tallaght Hospital considerable expenditure each year. And this is just the beginning...

The power of a partnership approach

Neopost understands that a project like this doesn’t achieve success based solely on the choice of equipment. Having the right hardware and software is very important but it doesn’t guarantee success. When embarking on a major efficiency drive, it’s important to pick a partner who will work with you to understand your operation. You need someone who will tailor the solution to your exact requirements and work in long-term partnership with you to provide on-going service, support and fresh ideas about how to make further improvements. Owen Kelleher agrees. We asked him if he would recommend Neopost: “Absolutely. It has been a great experience for us. The local support that Neopost provides is very
good indeed!”
Snap Shot
  • When Tallaght Hospital wanted to streamline mail and document processes the team there chose to work with Neopost.
  • We delivered a solution aimed at improving the way that the clerical teams in the hospital print, pack and dispatch their mail items.
  • By providing a Neopost DS-75 and powerful output management software, Neopost helped
  • Tallaght Hospital to establish a centralised mail function.
  • This new solution has helped Tallaght Hospital to better manage the mail flow; saving 40 man hours per week, achieving better postal discounts, lower print costs and quicker despatch of mail items.
  • The project is now giving Tallaght Hospital substantial savings each year and by continuing to work in partnership with
  • Neopost, to find new applications and solutions, those savings are likely to grow even further in the future.


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