What is TLS?

TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security.” It is a protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between your web browser and the Neopost server. It’s the most widely deployed security protocol used today, and is used for web browsers and other applications that require data to be securely exchanged over a network.

Why does this need to be updated?

Salesforce (the platform that runs your MyNeopost account) requires an upgrade to TLS 1.2 by October 25, 2019. On that date Salesforce will begin disabling the TLS 1.1 encryption protocol, which will prevent customers accessing their MyNeopost account.

How do I know if I need to update my settings?

We have enabled a notification on your MyNeopost account if we detect that you need to update the TLS settings on your web browser. Please log in to your account to see this, or follow the instructions below in ‘How do I perform the update?’.

How do I perform the update?

We have put together a simple step by step guide to help you update your settings, please click here to view the instructions and remember to log into your MyNeopost account to complete the process.

Will it affect my computer?

This update is required for other websites, it is not specific to MyNeopost. Updating the TLS settings will not affect any functions on your computer or the level of security.

What happens if I don’t update my TLS settings?

If your settings are not updated by the 25th of October you will not be able to access your MyNeopost account after this date.