August 23, 2019

Castelan Group


The Castelan Group.

Castelan Group is a provider of product warranties and claims handling to a wide range of retailers including Argos, DFS, Furniture Village and House of Fraser. Since the mid-1990s its team has issued around 25 million policies and responded to over a million customer service requests. From its headquarters in Weston-Super-Mare, its 250 employees and network of furniture care and repair technicians serve retail clients and householders UK-wide.


Replace Castelan Group’s outdated franking machine and folder inserter to save time and money and explore additional ways to streamline mail and document management for further efficiencies.


Postal cost savings and the redirection of staff from manual activities to customer service. The transformation of manual to digital processes has opened up additional business opportunities with one new business win already secured.


The IS-6000 franking machine and DS-90 folder inserter with OMS-500 for mail management and a Data Capture Solution for intelligent incoming mail management, business process integration and the streamlining of operations.


Castelan is delighted with the opportunities opened up by a complete business solution for inbound and outbound mail which will ultimately link mailing processes with business critical functions including invoicing and document management.