April 25, 2018

Carey Glass

Carey Glass


Carey Glass International started business in 1965 when three brothers in Nenagh set up a small glass manufacturing operation. Today Carey Glass is the largest independent single glass processing facility in Europe and with hundreds of people working at its massive processing facility in County Tipperary, the company is now one of the county’s largest employers.


Managing the flow of important documentation across such a large and busy facility can be hectic. As a muiltinational player with multiple sites across the globe, the logistical complexities of the business led to a massive volume of paper documents. Manually handling, storing and searching through physical documents for important information was no longer tenable. Carey Glass needed a more efficient way to manage documents.

Carey Glass selected Neotrax work flow to deliver a tailor-made document management solution. The company needed a system that could manage and integrate scanned Goods Receipt Notes & Purchase Invoices and electronically captured POs. This would eliminate a lot of the time that was being wasted manually filing, storing and searching for physical documents.


Now Carey Glass have a seamless document management solution that allows for easy access to information across the organisation. All documents are now stored in one central digitised database with direct links to the existing back office finance system for auto approval of purchase orders and invoices. All documents & data are instantly accessible from multiple PCs across the network. This really speeds up the entire payments process and eliminates inefficiency. All in all, Neotrax Document Management has helped to give the management team at Carey Glass much clearer control of the flow of documents throughout the organisation.